Universal gauges DDS/D series

About This Project

Universal gauges DDS/D series
Semi-authomatic laboratory instrument for determining the dimensional characteristic in the tiles (lenght,ortogonality, flatness, warping, straightness of sides, curvature/bending of the sides) according to UNI EN ISO 10545-2 standard.
The measuring takes place by difference between the reference digital gauge, calibration plate and the ceramic tiles. Recirculating ball runnings, which run on special linear guides placed on the various axes ensure precise positioning of the comparators and the supporting sleeves. The appropriate reference marks that rely on millimeter scales, allow to configure the instrument in a simple and intuitive way for any size including in the field of measurement.
The instrument is equipped with Notebook, O.S. (italian or english) and software for acquiring and elaborating datas as requested by ISO 10545-2 standards.
General features:
- Digital gauge, accuracy 1/100 mm.
- Measuring dimensions:
from 80×80 up to 1300×1300 mm (depending on models).
- Measuring thickness:from 3 up to 15 mm.
Supplied with:
6 digital gauges 1/100 mm, 6 USB cables, 1 USB hub supporting 7 inputs, 1 USB connection cable to PC, 1 Notebook with O.S. and dataCEN/04 software pre-installed and tested, 3 lifting and autostop cables for side comparators,
kit of supports for tile thickness from 3 up to 15 mm.
Description of the dataCEN/04 software
Software in a Windows environment with guided installation instructions, offering the possibility to customise company information and logos in order to automatically create test reports complying with standards. Comparator resetting function, making reference to a sample plate and simultaneous acquiring of 6 measurements with just one click. Possibility to create, display and print charts of all measurements made. Attractive and intuitive graphics to make usage easy. Window with 6 virtual displays for reading comparator information in real time. Automatic progressive numbering of tests, which can be customised with alphanumeric characters. Filing and cataloguing of tests performed.




February 15, 2017