About This Project


This is a machine for the determination ofthe porosity of ceramic tiles according to the British standards B.S.I. and the international standards I.S.O.
The method is based on the impregnation of ceramic tiles under vacuum in such a way that all pores are filled with water.
The machine consists of a container in stainless steel AISI 304 with a stainless steel basket to hold the samples, a water container, a vacuum pump and a control panel with an electronic programmer with which one can program the test based on the standards that one likes to apply.
The cycle is carried out automatically.

The machine is produced in three models:
Model PL: for samples with a max. size of 150 x 200 mm.
Model PE/S: for tiles with a max.size of 480 x 480 mm.
Model PT 700: for tiles with a max. size of 650 x 650 mm