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Dilatometer 402 PC – The Reliable Workhorse for Glass and Ceramics

Dilatometer DIL 402 PC – Precise Expansion and Shrinkage Measurements in Routine OperationThe DIL 402 PC is specially tailored to the needs of the ceramic and glass industry. High resolution and stability, a wide measurement range, and a robust and compact design are only some of the many advantages of thiscost-effective instrument. This dilatometer combines easy operation, high adaptability to different applications, and outstanding performance in one instrument. The optimized design of the measurement system with inductive transducer compensates for temperature fluctuations and yields highly reproducible data. A chiller is not required.The DIL 402 PC are based on nearly all national and international standards (e.g., DIN 51045, or JIS R 2207-contact version).

Design: The instrument has a horizontal design with an easy-to-operate furnace. A large recess in the tube-type sample carrier facilitates the placement of samples even when their geometries are less than ideal. A thermocouple in direct proximity to the sample ensures reproducible temperature measurement.

Furnaces: The interchangeable furnaces with temperature ranges up to 1200°C and 1600°C allow for the analysis of expansion in solids, green bodies, powders and pastes, for production and quality assurance purposes across a variety of applications. The forced-air cooling system of the 1600°C furnace makes it possible to cool faster from maximum sample temperature down to room temperature. Sample Holder Systems and Sample Dimensions Exchangeable sample holder systems made of alumina and fused silica are available. The maximum sample dimensions are 50 mm in length with a diameter of up to 12 mm (optionally  19 mm).




May 29, 2014