About This Project

Automatic instrument for determining the apparent density (porosity) of raw ceramic tiles, mod. DDA/2 (without mercury).

As the porosity of raw pressed pieces depends on
the chemical and physical features of the granulate, its distribution and humidity, as well as the pressing power applied, it is extremely important to know this parameter in order to determine the other variables that contribute towards forming the finished product
(raw and fired mechanical strength, shrinkage, etc.). This device is suitable to determine the apparent density of the tested sample by double weighing in air and hydrostatic mode.
To execute this test it is necessary to use a special
liquid with features of slow absorption that allows to weigh the sample before that the measure might be influenced from the absorption of the same.
Technical features:

  • Suspension weighing system by a strain gauge load cell
  • Balance calibration through a calibration weight 100g (Optional)
  • Dip weighing by automatic lifting and lowering of the container that contains the liquid.
  • Acquisition Data and automatic evaluation of apparent density
  • Operator panel supplied with touch screen display
  • Support fork for sample test made in stainless steel
  • Fluid container made in stainless steel
  • Powder coated structure
  • 4 leveling feet and spirit level
  • Safety door with micro switch
  • Data output for external printer

Electrical feeding 230V single-phase 50 Hz
Overall dimensions 30x40x60 cm.
Net weight 12 kg




May 29, 2014