Bending strenght machine CC-SL 2016 mod. for green tiles

About This Project

The machine has been designed and built to be used as a laboratory instrument for the
determination of the bending strength of green tile or similar materials.
The machine consists essentially of a painted steel structure with a work top with 2 adjustable
supports on which you put the tile to be tested. In the upper part a cylindrical “knife” with an
adequate length is located, in the middle of and parallel with both supports on the worktop.
When starting the test, this “knife” comes down and pushes on the entire length of the tile
until it breaks.
This knife is connected with a load cell by means of which a control box reads the transmitted
data, memorizes their value at the moment that the tile breaks and processes them.

Load cell 100 Kg.

Size from 100×100 mm up to 700×700 mm

Overall dimensions: 900x770x530 mm (WxDxH) Weight: 71,50 kg
Electrical supply: 230 V. 50/60 Hz 0,1 kw 0,8 amp




February 15, 2017